Monkey Business Causes Stir On F9 Flight

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Officials at Frontier Airlines called police to meet a flight arriving at LAS after a small monkey was discovered in the cabin.

F9 spokesman Richard Oliver said the marmoset, known as ‘Gizmo the finger monkey,’ was found to be a passenger's 'emotional support' animal but the airline was not informed a service animal would be onboard the flight, which departed from CMH.

Oliver said the passenger snuck the pet onboard in a duffel bag and when questioned on arrival, refused to hand over the required documents verifying the monkey as a support animal. The monkey was apparently allowed through the TSA security checkpoint in Columbus as TSA agents do not need to see supporting documents.

In fact, Gizmo’s owner Jason Ellis told News3LV: "The TSA guys loved him. They couldn't get enough."

A flight attendant later spotted the tiny animal poking its head out of Ellis's shirt.

"I didn't tell anybody on the plane that I had him ... I was the last one on. I was rushing," Ellis said. "Usually, it's on the roster but it wasn't because of the miscommunication on my behalf."

Ellis said he had the paperwork for Gizmo’s emotional support animal status, but couldn't access it without internet on the plane.

"It's a comfort feeling because he needs me just as much as I need him," Ellis said. "He's calm," Ellis said. "He keeps me calm and it's hard to explain but that's all I got for that."

Ellis says he has taken measures to make sure that whenever he travels in the future, his monkey will also show up in the system.

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