Trouble Sleeping On Planes? You Need A Nod Pod

Open Jaw

A new product claims it will revolutionize the way people sleep on planes and other vehicles by acting like a hammock for your head.

The company that invented the new pillow - dubbed the ‘Nod Pod’ - says the secret to the product is that it recreates how you sleep on a bed but in an upright position. 

“The reason it's hard to rest or sleep while travelling is because you can't keep your head, neck and back perpendicular and at a 90° angle similar to how you sleep in bed at night,” says the Nod Pod’s inventors. “This results in jet lag, neck and body pain, and awkwardly waking up on your fellow passengers. But our patented over-the-top design keeps your head from falling forward as well as left and right.”

The exterior of the Nod Pod is made from a water repellent PU-coated fabric, so it is wipe-clean for sleepers who drool. (Shouldn’t they be working on fixing that little problem?)

Also, it is designed not to disturb the passenger seated behind the user, as the cord goes around the screen. 

For safety purposes, the cord will break on sudden pressure, in case of incidents like bad turbulence and crash landings.  

The inventor created a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter to raise enough money to start production. It has already smashed its target, raising $73,224 of a $20,000 goal with 22 days still to go until the deadline. 

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