Ready For Anything: Agents Share Unusual Requests

Open Jaw

No 2 days are alike for travel agents, who deal with requests from the public that range from the mundane to the downright weird. Agents from Travel Leaders Group shared some of their stories of unusual requests with online publication Thrillist.

Here are a few highlights:

"We recently had a request from a client for a cruise vacation. The only problem was that she would only cruise on a ship that had SlimFast on board. After extensive checking, no ship carries SlimFast.”

Travel Leaders, O'Fallon, Missouri

Listen Bud
"I have a VIP client that absolutely refuses to stay in any hotel that does not carry Bud Light. There is no flexibility on the issue. I have to call any new hotels we are working with, always."

Travel Leaders, River Falls, Wisconsin

Champagne Wishes

"One fun trip was a marriage proposal during a total solar eclipse at sea. A once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. Just as the moon passed in front of the sun and the day turned into night, our traveller asked his love for her hand in marriage. The whole ship cheered when she said yes. Within minutes the sun was out again and Champagne was flowing.”
Travel Leaders, Houston, Texas

My Hero
"For a destination wedding, we had clients request that the bride be 'kidnapped' before her wedding and be 'rescued' by the groom. The wedding was held at a charming hotel in Seville, Spain. As the bride was dressed and ready for the wedding, she was 'kidnapped' by 'banditos' and held in a hideaway until the groom could rescue her on horse." 

Tzell Travel Group, New York, New York

Geographically Challenged
"I actually had a customer ask for a bus tour from Dallas to Hawaii. I told them that the bridge from the West Coast to the island was not yet completed." Travel Leaders, Tyler, Texas  

Take My Kids…Please
"Our client was travelling on a high-end cruise with another couple who booked with a different agency. The evening before departure, the other couple told our clients they may have to cancel due to their babysitter canceling. Our client said, 'No problem, my travel agent loves kids. I'm sure she will babysit.' "Our client called our travel agent and the agent agreed. The kids and the parents loved our agent. They even gave us their corporate account and future vacation business. That was 20 years ago. Our travel agent babysat the children when the parents travelled for many years, until the children were old enough to stay alone." Travel Leaders, O'Fallon, Missouri

Puppy Love
"One client has a very special terrier. We had to arrange a private dinner for the dog on the island of Torcello (near Venice, Italy). The dog dined on gnocchi. For the same clients, we had to arrange a private picnic for the dog in the Bahamas. The picnic was just for the dog and its owners." Tzell Travel Group, New York, NY 

Toilet Time
"I had a family that I booked to Disney and she wanted me to plan their daily itineraries. When I say daily, I mean that she also wanted me to put the times they are to get up and get to the bus stop. She wanted me to put in at least four bathroom breaks a day while in the parks. Yes, bathroom breaks -- allowing 15 minutes per break. Guess what? I did, and she loved it. She emailed me and said the trip was the best one yet." Travel Leaders, Maple Grove, Minnesota

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