A Sheep’s Eye View Of The Faroe Islands

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Set in a lonely location in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands does not enjoy prominence as a tourist destination.

With a population of just 49,000, the islands are technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark but are now self-governing, including having its own tourism promotion body.

Earlier this year, Visit Faroe Islands wanted to put the country on a par with others around the world by giving potential visitors 360° views of the destination. But with Google not having given the country any coverage with its Street View platform, Durita Andreassen from the tourism board took matters into her own hands.

She strapped cameras to the top of some of the destination’s sheep (there are more sheep than people on the islands) and let them wander around, capturing much of the landscape.

Inevitably the project was called Sheep View.

The videos were posted on the Visit Faroe Islands website and then an online campaign surfaced to urge Google to visit with its own technology to continue mapping and photographing the country.

Lo and behold (and not one to miss a PR opportunity) Google duly obliged and has since sent a team from Google Maps to the Faroe Islands so it will have its place it in the Streetview world.

“When we started this project, we wanted Google Street View available in the Faroe Islands so we could share our beautiful country with the world, and with all the people who do not have the means to visit,” said Andreassen. “During the process, we fell in love with our own woolly version of Street View, so we are absolutely delighted that Google has decided to help us continue on the same path.”

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