Flight Diverted After Pax Served ‘12-14’ Small Bottles Of Wine

Open Jaw

On a YYZ/FRA flight earlier this year, Open Jaw watched as a passenger across the aisle turned from a friendly, calm person into a staggering wreck after being repeatedly served Bailey’s on the rocks – two miniatures at a time.

On arrival in FRA, the pax could not be revived and the attendant who (over)served him claimed he’d only had two drinks – and must have taken pills.

That experience was brought to mind after last week’s incident where a BA flight from LGW to Florida had to divert to BOS after a 24-year-old pax became ‘disruptive.’

The Daily Record newspaper spoke to a passenger who said he watched the man drink steadily for several hours. "I was sitting three seats from him and he drank 12 to 14 small bottles of wine and one vodka -- all given to him by cabin crew in the first three-and-a-half hours of the flight," the eyewitness said.

What exactly did the cabin crew think would happen at that Animal House rate of consumption?

According to reports, stewards kept the man seated and the pilot went to speak to him, before deciding to divert the Florida-bound BA2039 flight to BOS.

Passenger Mark Christie, 30, from Aberdeen, told MailOnline: "The drunk guy got on the flight and became increasingly more drunk. Then he started wandering around and asking if he could get off. I think that was the worry. Eventually he needed to be babysat by two cabin crew at a time. Then the pilot came through to try and calm him down. And he obviously decided it was better to land in Boston."

Massachusetts State Police said he would appear in court accused of interfering with the flight crew.

British Airways apologized to the other pax on the flight and said disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Perhaps they should also take a look at the crew’s role in the situation.

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