Vacationers, Failed Asylum Seekers Make For Uncomfortable Mix

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The U.K. finds itself in the position of having to deport failed asylum seekers on popular vacation travel routes, and as a recent incident reveals, it’s not always a comfortable mix.

Recently, as a U2 aircraft was enroute to VCE , the plane’s captain announced, “the weather is marvellous along the whole route.” At the same time a failed asylum seeker from an African country began repeatedly screaming “Allahu Akbar” and “we will die” – causing families on the holiday flight to fear for their lives.

The Mail on Sunday said the shouting and threats reduced children to tears.

No official explanation came from the captain or crew about the presence of a thrashing man in handcuffs who threatened pax in an “expletive-strewn tirade,” the paper said.

U2 cabin crew reportedly ordered pax to delete videos and pictures of the man that they had taken on mobile phones.

“It was really scary,” Lucy O’Sullivan, a U2 pax, told the Mail. “I felt threatened. I was tearful. The worst-case scenario was that we weren’t going to get off that plane alive because we didn’t know who the person was, what the circumstances were or anything. There was nothing explained to us. It was very daunting.”

“We didn’t know whether he came from a group of terrorists, or anything along those lines.”

Why was an African citizen being shipped to Venice? Apparently the Italian city was chosen because the man was being deported under the Dublin Regulation, a European provision which stipulates that people must claim asylum in the 1st safe country they reach. In his case that was Italy.

The paper said the man screamed “Allahu Akbar” 29 times and “death is coming” 17 times. For good measure, he shouted “we will die” 9 times.

Britain’s Home Office spends £30 million a year returning illegal immigrants and foreign criminals to their home countries.

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