Man Suing CX After His UM Son Taken By Stranger

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It’s a parent’s nightmare.

A HKG businessman is suing CX for about $350,000, alleging that his 12 yr. old son, travelling as a UM, was not met at an Indian airport by a CX staffer - as required - but by a stranger who took the boy away.

The boy was later found safe and well at the airport, but only after hours of frightening confusion, the writ alleges.

Ram Prasad Poosaala states in a court document that his son Raja Ram Poosaala, 12, was travelling alone from HKG to visit his grandmother in Telangana on 31OCT15. The family says it asked for CX to provide its customary assistance for an unaccompanied minor.

After the flight landed at HYD, however, the boy’s uncle, due to meet him, could not find him in the arrivals hall. The uncle then received a phone call from an unknown caller at the airport, “who promptly hung up after just saying the boy was with him,” the paper reported.

The boy emerged 2 hr. after the plane landed, allegedly accompanied by a man who left as soon as he saw the frantic uncle. The boy, described as frightened, told his uncle the man had asked him to follow him upon landing, and that airline staff members did not provide the “meet and assist” service as requested.

In his claim, Poosaala says he asked for assistance because his son was not familiar with India and understood only Chinese and English. The boy wore a badge indicating he required assistance. The boy’s uncle said the airline did not call him upon landing.

Poosala is suing the airline for “deficiency of service and gross negligence” and he asked Hong Kong’s High Court why the airline was taking so long to respond to the suit.

The court granted CX an extension until 30SEP to prepare its defence, the paper reported.

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