The 6 Star Hotel That Guests Love To Hate

Open Jaw

It describes itself as a 6 star hotel. That should be a warning right there. But North Korea’s Ryanggang Hotel – rated 8th out of 8 properties in Pyongyang – appears to offer a special kind of anti-hospitality.

TripAdvisor reviewers give it 2.5 stars. But mostly they give it a good battering. Some examples:

“Food was mediocre and tasteless, a bit like the decor in the rooms.” 

“I would rather sleep outside.”

“Beds are wooden plates with a cushion on it.”

“Think of it as a form of military training and you'll love it.”

“Dirty, cold, and hideous. Western prisons are more welcoming.” 

“I wouldn’t let my pet stay here.”

“There is no service, padlocks on the fire escapes, no showers, no water or electricity most days but who cares you'll be out in a week if you behave yourself!”

A U.K. reviewer was the only one to rate Ryanggang above average, giving it 4 stars, still 2 less than the 6 it claims for itself.

“Keep your expectations realistic, and this hotel will provide a more than adequate base for your visit to this fascinating city.”

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