1/3 Of Prospective AI Pilots Are Failing Mental Health Test

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Air India has introduced a new requirement that all applicants for pilot positions take a psychometric examination to measure their mental health. The results have been somewhat startling.

The exam is designed to weed out unstable candidates by ascertaining if they are depressive or have other potential problems, the Hindustan Times reports.

Psychometric tests include both ability and personality tests and are a measure of general intelligence, aptitude, personality, attitudes, interests, values and motivators. 

The test was developed in the wake of the Germanwings tragedy, when a mentally ill co-pilot locked himself in the cockpit and deliberately flew into the side of a mountain.

Here’s the problem for AI: about 1/3 of pilots taking the test are failing. The applicants had all successfully cleared the simulator and technical exams before flunking the psychometric test. Apparently 131 out of 413 candidates had not passed the test since it was introduced in December.   

Some pilots suggest the problem lies with the test rather than the applicants, but AI is not backing down. India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) last year mandated regular monitoring of pilots’ mental health.

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