Paris Plans Official Park For Nudists

Open Jaw

Nudists in Paris will soon be able to shed their clothes without fear of arrest, as city council members have approved plans for an official park for naked people.

A campaigner working on the project told CNN the exact location is yet to be decided, but it will likely be near Lac Daumesnil in the southeast of the city.

The proposal was put forward by the Green Party of Paris and approved in principle Monday at a meeting of the city council. In a written submission to the city council, environmentalists from the party said France is a top world destination for nudists, with 2 million Germans, Dutch, British and Belgians coming to the country to take their clothes off. That’s on top of 2 million French nudists. (Well, not literally.)

Going au naturel is increasingly popular in the French capital, but public nudity is against the law and can be punished by a €15,000 fine or up to 1 yr. in prison.

Jacques Frimont, Vice President of the Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty, says there’s nothing unseemly about nudism. "We contest this vigorously. A sexual pervert is someone who disturbs his neighbours by masturbating in public, for example," he said. "A nudist only wants to get rid of their clothes."

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