Airport Security Finds Human Intestines In Checked Bag

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You have to feel for airport screeners sometimes. People carry some pretty strange things in their baggage.

But the woman discovered in Austria to have pieces of her dead husband’s intestines in her luggage was definitely pushing the envelope of the unusual.

According to FoxNews, the unidentified 35 yr. old Moroccan woman was pulled aside during a random security check 08SEP at GRZ, when internal parts of her deceased 40 yr. old husband were found in her checked luggage.

The couple had been visiting the husband’s family in Marrakesh when he fell ill and died. A doctor there allegedly told the woman that he suspected the man was poisoned, and recommended taking a section of his intestine to a doctor where the couple lived in Graz.

The wife’s lawyer said she was suspicious that the poisoning could have occurred during a meal eaten with the husband’s family, due to the fact that some of his relatives opposed their marriage.

The doctor in Morocco reportedly helped the wife by removing a four-inch section of the man’s intestine and packing it in “formaldehyde and in thick plastic containers.”

Customs officials didn’t know how to react to the intestines found in the woman’s bag, so they called local police for assistance. After investigating the incident, authorities informed airport staff that the woman had not broken any laws and she was cleared to pass through the facility with her husband’s intestines.

The section of intestine brought through airport security was sent to the Institute of Pathology in Graz where lead pathologist Gerald Hofler would be examining the remains. Hofler told local media outlets that the results won’t be known until next week.

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