Well-Behaved Chinese Travellers Could Win A Trip

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They’ve tried the stick. Now they’re giving the carrot a go.

Ahead of the busy Golden Week national holiday, Chinese travellers are being urged to be on their best behaviour. Those who are could win a trip.

It’s a change in tactic as the China National Tourism Administration and leading online travel company Ctrip.com are partnering in a campaign to find well-behaved role models for tourists. Previous initiatives have involved ‘naming and shaming,’ and a blacklist of the worst-behaved travellers.

"Civility of Chinese tourists is an important indicator of a country's soft power and one of the major ways to export a country's influence," said Wang Xiaofeng, Vice Chairman of CNTA at an unveiling of the campaign.

In association with state-run newspaper China Daily, the Chinese public are being asked to provide examples of perfect traveller behaviour with prizes of free travel products offered by Ctrip. "The campaign is about changing the perception of Chinese travellers. We definitely want Chinese travellers to be well-received abroad," said Ctrip senior director of investment relations Zhou Shiwei.

The campaign is named 'Good Chinese Tourists.' Organizers will publish a set of guidelines and pictures of ‘well-behaved’ travellers during Golden Week.

The tourism administration recently published a 'civilized tourist' guidebook asking travellers to refrain from being 'greedy with complimentary items,' and 'do not chase, beat or feed animals' among several recommendations.

The government has a current blacklist of travellers who have been accused of 'shameful' behaviour such as air rage, defacing historic artifacts and assault of tourism and airline workers.

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