Passenger Burned By E-Cigarette Is Suing Airline

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A passenger who burned himself on an overheating e-cigarette device is suing DY for allowing him to charge it onboard the plane.

Author Eric T Wiberg said the vaping device began to smolder while he slept during a flight to JFK.

He had earlier charged it onboard, he claimed in court papers, and awoke to see it emitting smoke.

After crew were alerted he picked up the device and 'plunged it into a bucket of water' the New York Post reports. He claims he suffered 3rd degree burns to his right hand and 1st and 2nd degree burns to his left hand in the incident.

Wiberg, a former sailor whose specialty as an author is maritime-themed books, is seeking unspecified damages. He argues that the airline should not have permitted him to take the e-cig onboard or allowed him to charge it.

The U.S. Department of Transportation banned e-cigarettes in March.

Norwegian Air Shuttle declined to comment on pending litigation, but commenters to online stories about the incident have no such restrictions.

One wrote:  “What is wrong with the world these days… when people seem to want others to take responsibility for their own stupid actions? I hope that Norwegian sues him for the cost and inconvenience he caused them by his stupid actions -- or even get him prosecuted for endangering an aircraft.”

Another commenter put it more succinctly: “Tell him to p*** off.”

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