Is That A Snake In 32B Or A Legless Lizard?

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If you’re ever in a pickle on a plane wondering if the thing slithering down the aisle is a snake – get close enough to see if it has eyelids. If it does, according to GA you can breathe easy, it’s just a legless lizard. Phew.

Thus GA seamlessly brushed over a potential PR hazard by informing the worldwide media that snakes were definitely not loose on one of its planes. The reptiles that escaped from their cargo compartment during a flight to JKT from MKQ were actually lizards, not snakes.  

Apparently they look so much like snakes that only experts can tell them apart – but if it blinks, it’s a legless lizard as snakes do not have eyelids. “The animal physically looks like a snake,” Garuda’s V.P. of Corporate Communications, Benny Butarbutar, concluded helpfully. “…after an examination and checking of the documents, they are lizards and not snakes.” Ok, we get it, they are not snakes.

The reptile was of the Lialis burtonis species, commonly called legless lizards, Butarbutar told the Jakarta Post.

And, thankfully, legless lizards are not venomous. The plane was carrying a cargo of live animals in a wooden box with air holes, covered in a sack. It seems that the holes were too big and some lizards escaped. Their freedom was short-lived – cabin crew quickly caught and secured the reptiles and the incident caused no flight disruption, Butarbutar said.

GA has begun an investigation into the affair of the non-snakes on a plane.

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