NBA Player Angers Entire Country By Signing Great Wall Of China

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The Houston Rockets Bobby Brown has demonstrated why you should never inscribe your name on any landmark. He is being investigated by Chinese authorities and the incident has sparked an angry backlash throughout China.

Brown was visiting the Great Wall along with his teammates during a visit for the NBA’s Global Games series.

And, what makes Brown’s actions every more astonishing is that he had spent 3 seasons playing in China where you might assume he would have become a little more culturally sensitive.

But Brown said he wrote his name on the wall in chalk after seeing others had done the same - and his real downfall may be the fact that he has a relatively active and well-followed account on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform.

Posting an image of his graffitied signature and shirt number on the site, he wrote: “Had a blast at the Great Wall of China today.”

That post soon went viral, with Chinese followers expressing their outrage. One said: “This is a world heritage site, not your toilet.” Another wrote: “If you truly love this country, you should take care of it.”

Brown deleted his post and followed it up with an apology on the site, saying “I respect the Chinese culture I made an honest mistake… hope you forgive me.” That post has also since been deleted.

An official from the Beijing Municipal Administration of Tourism said Brown’s actions are under investigation. “Punishment, such as a fine or warning, will be given to unruly tourists according to their behaviour,” the official said.   

According to the Houston Chronicle, Brown apologized again and explained his actions in an interview after one of the Global Games. “I've been playing in China for 3 years now and I have the utmost respect for the Chinese culture, and the way of living here. I pretty much adapted, coming from the states, here for 3 years. My teammates, the fans in Shenzhen and the fans all over were great to me, and I just want to sincerely apologise for that.”

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