Giving A Whole New Meaning To Cockpit

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The outmoded “Coffee, tea or me?” sexist portrayal of stewardesses has been resurrected with aplomb by an HV flight attendant who has apparently made good use of the cockpit on many occasions – not for coffee. Or tea.

KLM subsidiary, Transavia, is facing a sex scandal involving a female flight attendant who allegedly had sexual encounters with other crew members, including pilots, in the cockpit during work hours. Isn’t that what it’s for?

The flight attendant is 46, married with 4 children. The affairs were discovered by her husband who claims to have found his wife’s digital diary detailing her extramarital activities.

The Dutch Telegraaf newspaper claims to have obtained documents that show HV has been aware of the problem for months.

The paper says the airline’s lawyer warned the husband to stop sending revealing e-mails to employees, threatening him with action for slander or libel. The airline’s human resources department also warned the husband that publishing the diary could result in criminal proceedings.

HV has calmed the situation by pointing out that despite the strenuous activities taking place near the steering column and numerous buttons and levers, the safety of passengers was never compromised.

It supports its flight attendant and wants to handle the matter internally. (Isn’t that what got her into this mess?) The issue is particularly sensitive, the paper says, because most of the pilots involved are married.

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