Couple Forgets Baby In Rental Car

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Rushing to catch a flight is stressful stuff. For a U.K. couple, it was apparently so nerve-wracking they forgot they should be carrying a baby in addition to their luggage and passports. Their bundle of joy was left behind in a rental car.

The Goldcar rental company said it often finds electronic items such as iPads and clothing, but it was a first for them to find a baby left behind - strapped in its car seat. At least that is reassuring.

"It's not every day that parents leave a child in the back of one of our cars and fortunately, in this case, it didn't take them long to realize they were missing something," said client service director Tonica Safont.

We can’t help but wonder how long is not long
to realize you’re missing a child.

Some of the most unusual things left in rental cars by travellers rushing to catch flights this summer, besides the baby, was a West Highland Terrier and a bag of sex toys.

"Our customers are often in a hurry to catch a flight or a train when returning their cars to our network of over 80 offices, so it can be quite amusing at times to see what they leave behind."

Goldcar staff helped one customer get back €900 left in the glove box, but it is still looking for the owner of a photo signed by Italian goalkeeper Buffon - and the 70
yr. old man who left a thong under a car seat.

In previous years, items left in Goldcar vehicles and offices have included: a sleeping grandmother
; an artificial leg; a box full of bullets; crutches; a police badge; dentures and a box of 12 rare eggs.

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