The Secret Swedish Treehouse Hotel

Open Jaw

For many kids, a secret treehouse - however rustic and simple - was the ultimate hideaway from the adult world.

And since we never really stop being kids inside, a treehouse hotel in Sweden is attracting lots of attention.

A big part of that attraction is the use of mirrors to make the treehouse nearly impossible to spot from any distance. Your secrets will be safe there.

Check out this video about the Mirrorcube Treehotel in Harads, Sweden to see the clubhouse you probably couldn’t even have imagined.

By treehouse measures, it’s a big one at 4x4x4 metres, though it’s not huge by hotel room standards. But thanks to innovative Swedish design, there are a lot of amenities packed into a small space.

The website states: “The 6 windows provide a stunning panoramic view. A 12 metre long bridge leads up to the tree room. The Mirrorcube offers excellent accommodation for 2 people with a double bed, bathroom, lounge and a rooftop terrace. Shower and sauna is located in 2 separate buildings close by. All our tree rooms (have) free WiFi.”

Treehouse accommodations for 2 run SEK 4,900, which is about USD 549 per night, out of the range of most children. But who wants kids in the secret clubhouse anyway?

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