Fake Guns, Suicide Vest Cause Security Scare At RIC

Open Jaw

A checked bag filled with 'role-playing' props caused a tense security scare at Virginia’s Richmond Airport.

The bag was found to contain a suicide vest, 2 firearms and a military manual on bombs.

Not surprisingly, an X-ray of the bag triggered an alarm and its removal from the conveyor belt so that a TSA officer could get a better look at what was inside. “The image on the X-ray machine was very suspicious,” said TSA in a press release.

The officer opened the bag and found a suicide vest, 2 guns and an old military manual on bombs. TSA explosive experts rushed to the checked baggage room, and airport police were called immediately. After detaining the bag's owner, the items were found to be props for a live-action role-playing game. “The guns were plastic and the suicide vest was a realistic looking fake,” the TSA said.

"The good news is that there was nothing harmful in the bag. The items looked realistic by design. Bringing items to an airport that are meant to resemble items known by terrorists... well, I don't know what the man could have been thinking would come of it," said TSA's Federal Security Director of Richmond, Chuck Burke.

The bag owner was later released without charge. Apparently there’s no statute against stupid.

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