First Class Seat No Guarantee Of Class Act

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Being able to afford first class is no guarantee that you have class.

A 61 yr. old managing director travelling first class on British Airways has been arrested for allegedly using the camera on his mobile phone for an unlawful and disgraceful purpose.

The Scottish businessman is accused of holding his phone under a 26 yr. old flight attendant’s skirt and recording video as she leaned over to serve another passenger.

According to Britain’s Sun newspaper, the man had turned on the phone’s flashlight app and positioned the phone under the victim’s skirt when she turned around and caught him in the act.

Police met the flight at the captain’s request when it arrived at CPT. They boarded the aircraft and arrested the suspect in his seat.

The man initially denied the offence but according to the Sun he has now admitted the incident after being charged with common assault.

The married father of 2, reportedly the managing director of a manufacturing consultancy, is said to have been drinking on the flight before he allegedly committed the act. But that’s no excuse.

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