Uh-Oh: P&O Cruises Enlists Public Help In Naming Next Ship

Open Jaw

In the post-Boaty McBoatface era you’d think cruise lines would just name their own damn ships. But no, P&O Cruises decided to enlist the general public to name its next 180,000 tonne mega-ship, due to arrive in 2020.

Have they checked out the general public lately?

As travel tech site Tnooz points out, some might consider such a move to be risky given the embarrassing situation the U.K. government found itself in earlier this year when science minister Jo Johnson had to step in to prevent a public vote for the name of a research ship from winning with “Boaty McBoatface.”

But no, P&O forged ahead, tweeting: “We're proud to announce that the name of our new ship, launched in 2020, will be decided by YOU our guests!”

What could go wrong?

Well, first there were ship name suggestions focused on P&O’s lack of originality, like: HMS Social Media Gimmick; Jumpy McBandWagon and HMS Clickbait McPRStunt. Then there were snarky ones, hitting at cruise line vulnerabilities, like Norovirus McNorovirusFace and MV Floating Sardine Tin.

There were just silly ones, including Cecil the Vessel and Tom Cruise Liner.

One clever bloke suggested a little British pomp, with the grandiose Lord High Admiral Sir Dr Reginald Frederick Bartholomew Pettigrew-Winterbottom III.

P&O remains outwardly optimistic, tweeting: “We’ve had some great suggestions for names for our new ship, coming in 2020! Keep an eye out for details next year on how you can enter.”

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