BA Pilot Suspended For Indecent Act Cockpit Selfies

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What goes on in the cockpit apparently doesn’t stay in the cockpit. It sure doesn’t if the pilot is texting images of bad behaviour.

BA has reportedly suspended a long-serving B777 pilot after photos emerged of him apparently performing a solo sex act dressed only in women’s stockings.

Britain’s Sun newspaper printed photos alleged to show the 51 yr. old pilot engaged in the act while clad in stockings on the flight deck at 38,000 ft. during a long-haul flight.

As the Sun puts it, the images “reveal a pervy airman in stockings taking lurid selfies of his aroused manhood.”

One image shows a stocking-clad leg sprawled over the dashboard while the plane appears to be on autopilot. The co-pilot’s seat is empty. Others show a pornographic magazine spread on the controls and explicit playing cards scattered around the flight deck.

The tabloid publication, which has a massive circulation in the U.K., referred to the pilot’s “alleged sexting” and showed a number of images, partly pixelated.

Serial numbers on the control panel suggested the photos were taken aboard at least 2 separate BA aircraft, the paper said.

An aviation expert told The Sun: “This is very dangerous if the plane is in mid-flight. If you are flying, you can fly into serious turbulence.”

BA has confirmed it is investigating. “We are taking these allegations extremely seriously,” a spokesman told the Sun.

The pilot reportedly denies that he is the man shown in the images.

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