2 Guests In 1 Day Caught With Loaded Guns At Walt Disney World

Open Jaw

Why would you need to take a loaded gun to the ‘happiest place on earth?’

2 gun owners were arrested recently after trying to bring loaded weapons into Walt Disney World. The theme park has a strict no gun policy.

Police say that Baleigh Turner was visiting the entertainment complex’s Animal Kingdom park from Alabama when guards discovered a loaded .380 caliber pistol in her backpack. Was she thinking of doing a little big-game hunting?

Beyond bringing the weapon to the children’s attraction, authorities also found that 23 yr. old Turner’s concealed weapons permit expired in January, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Her arrest was the 2nd firearms apprehension in 1 day at Disney World. Michael Langston, a 61 yr. old Louisiana man, brought a pistol to Epcot, that notoriously dangerous place where international culture and human achievement is celebrated.

Langston’s weapon was found when he was selected for random metal detector screening and he told guards about the weapon. He also did not have a valid permit.

They may have come for some ‘Magic Your Way,’ but after posting $2,000 in bond each, the gun-toters were told to hit the highway. But, they’re out there.

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