AC’s Remembrance Message: Don’t Mess With The Poppy!

Open Jaw

For nearly a century, the poppy has served as a symbol of remembrance for Canadian veterans.

For Air Canada crew, wearing the familiar red flower briefly became a violation of uniform policy— until the decision was reversed a few hours later.

 Yesterday morning, VP of in-flight service Renée Smith-Valade issued an internal notice reminding flight attendants that the airline did not allow poppies to be worn on uniforms, The Globe and Mail reported.

That didn’t go over well with workers. CUPE spokesperson Michel Cournoyer told the Toronto Star they didn’t agree with the decision. "Lots of people were complaining."

To its credit, AC quickly realized it was on the wrong side of an emotional subject. Within hours, Smith-Valade posted a second internal note saying that the "wearing of poppies is supported."

"My apologies for the angst this has caused for some. For those who choose to do so please wear your poppies while in uniform with pride," Smith-Valade added.

The moral of the story is, don’t mess with the poppy.

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