Surge Of Searches For 1-Way Flights To Canada

Open Jaw

Election night was a wild roller-coast ride for Americans – and many others around the world.

As Americans, watched and, eventually, learned the result of this hotly contested election, travel metasearch engine Cheapflights was tracking search patterns in seeking clues to the nation’s mindset. The results are quite interesting. Here’s how it played out:

Initial Data: As of 6 pm ET on Election Day, there were more than double the searches (up 133%) on for one-way flights to Canada than the site has seen, on average, in the same time frame across the last four Tuesdays.

Getting Nervous: As polls closed and results started to roll in, the searches accelerated. Between 6 pm and midnight, searches for one-way flights to Canada jumped more than 900% compared to the average for the same time frame across the last four Tuesdays. 

Sinking In: The search volume continued into yesterday morning, as many awoke to the news that Donald J. Trump will be the next American president. Searches for 1-way flight to Canada from 6 pm Tuesday through 8 am Wednesday were up more than 1,000% over the average volume in the same window over the last four weeks. 

Not Just Us: Other spots that had one-way flight search spikes overnight are Japan, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany, all of which jumped more than 500% between midnight and 8 a.m. ET compared to the last four weeks. 

Of course you can’t just jump on a plane and move to Canada (legally, at any rate), but the numbers do provide an interesting glimpse into the current state of mind of some of our southern neighbours. 

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