Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Stop The Presses!

This just in, Pumpkins: research has uncovered a primal head scratcher that travel professionals have pondered for decades. Yes, dahrlings, the question of what really pisses off travellers has been answered.

You’re probably thinking “I know! I know!” “It’s the tattered pink string tied to suitcases when not black luggage would do.” And, as annoying as that is, it did not come up in the research.

Apparently my top peeve – a locked cockpit – didn’t even make the list. (It’s like telling a nymphomaniac there’s a cockpit, but it’s locked.)

We could go on guessing, Pumpkins, but fortunately,serious research dollars were invested in laying to rest our probing minds in answering the age old question: what is Canada’s top travel complaint? The statistically valid answer within 1 to 2 percentage points is ... wait for it…..delays! Whew. Who would have thought?

The other dilly, dahrlings, is that apparently people really hate fees. Well, slap my seat and call me stumped.

Thank goodness Travelocity has nothing better to do with client money than harass them with stupid questions.

I have a few peeves:

  • Pointless research
  • People who rush the boarding gate and block the line – despite the very clear instructions and signage
  • People who shove their carry on all over the plane and then try to barge ahead on deplaning to drag it out of overhead compartments they have no business in.
  • People who travel in bare feet and tank tops – If I want to see skin, I know where to find it.
  • People who grab the back of your seat to help pry their heft out of cramped seats.

Apparently one of the other top things Travelocity's research reveals is that people hate complainers… Well when you all stop behaving like nincompoops – i might stop. 

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