Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Je Suis Muslim

Dear pumpkins,

The chaos unleashed by that madman down south has me beside myself. Hearing the voices (Does Trump hear voices?) of all those people across the U.S. raising their fists and refusing to be railroaded into a Naziesque regime, has me jumping on my divan. Yes! I mean, No! We won't stand for it, you soul sucking cretin piece of القرف.

Our fellow humans whom fate chose to birth in a Muslim country feel like they've been branded sub-par, grade B, damaged goods, persona non-Christian. Herded into holding tanks. Arrested. Has a certain ring of icy familiarity, wouldn't you say, Pumpkins?

And adding slaughter to injury, like Pavlovian dogs, some Quebec lobotomy candidates heard the call to hate, killing 6 people as they prayed last night.  

There’s nothing we can do to bring them back. But what can we do to stand up to bigotry, dahrlings? As much as I enjoy jumping on my divan, especially when the dogs join in and we have a lovely time, perhaps there's something more to be done.

I'm heartened that some are already doing the right thing:

  • Airbnb has offered free stays to stranded refugees
  • Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees
  • All Canadian carriers are waiving change fees for those impacted by the ban.

Today, and for as long as it takes, #JeSuisMuslim.


American - February 13, 2017 @ 23:02
As a Muslim woman then you'd better quickly cover your person from head to toe (you may show a bit of face and hand) and be ready to submit 100% to your husband. . . who has the right have a sex slave on the side, or discipline or divorce you publicly for refusing him sex. Oh, don't forget Quran 24:31's injunction that "The woman is not only supposed to cover herself, except with relatives, but to look down, so as to avoid making eye-contact with men.. " Yes, you are gutsy! Fantastic prime minister materiel (based on what I see you've already got).
PS: As non-Americans, those desiring to immigrate to the US have ZERO right to do so. They have to follow the law, to "stand in line", just like the rest of our forebears did (my German ancestors were even labeled 'enemy of the state' during WWI, were interviewed, fingerprinted and temporarily forced to carry an EOS identification card to protect the country they loved . . . very humbling, but guess what, they all survived, AND thrived).

Mike Kearney - February 6, 2017 @ 15:02
Gutsy and motivational! If we could only get you to enter politics - what a Prime Minister you'd make!

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