Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I Have A Dream

Gregg Saretsky must have a Boeing sized intersection this morning, dahrlings. Can you imagine waking up and announcing to the world WestJet has flashed their cash and bought 20 Dreamliners. Oh gawd! Thank you! Dreams really do come true.

The bestest, most fabulist, fuel efficient, aircraft is now his to command. 

WestJet is calling it “an exciting new chapter” in their history. You betcha! Gregg’ll be able to lie flat to London, Vienna, Beijing, Ipanema! Mrs. Saretsky must be so proud.

It is truly a palpably taut time on the Canadian aviation chess board, Pumpkins. So many questions? Will Air Canada take this plane game lying down? Did they know about it? (No doubt their Boeing buds in Seattle had already spilled the beans on the shopping spree.)

Then there’s the obvious head scratcher -- how does one, with the same mouthful, claim narrow bodies are honeysuckle but wide bodies are the future? I’ve tried holding 2 opposing points in my mouth before – and trust me, dahrlings, the jaw gets tired.

Last, but certainly not least, how does their announced ULCC fit into the wide body opening? I could venture a guess here…. And it’s just a guess, mind you. But I’m looking at how AC regifted their old aircraft to launch their Rouge LCLC (low cost leisure carrier – not to be confused with LCC). “Teal” anyone?

But beyond the airlines. Beyond the ultra cost, low cost, no cost, there is the priceless. You!! To all my dahrling Pumpkins! The world would not turn without travel agents showing us the way. HAPPY TRAVEL AGENT DAY!!!

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