Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

What The Fandango, Indeed

I feel very honoured to still have one die hard fan left, darlings. His name is Michael, but I call him McClane., (From movies where the guy always dies hard. I hear that’s a thing.)

McClane (he’s a bit of a pain) has complained there has not been an Ivanna in 2 months using the pointed acronym WTF for added emphasis.

Since he no doubt speaks for thousands of silent fans out there, I will say that the last year has been challenging, dahrlings. I’m recovering from the death of a loved one. That gold fish was there for me - floating round my martini glass - through thick and thin. We were swimpatico. 

Then one of my implants burst. And not only do my pants fit funny, I have to carry a cushion so I don’t slide off bar stools. 

These things are messy, darlings, and they take their toll on a woman. Walking around with half a booty puts a crimp in one’s funny bone. 

And finally, I’m mentally incapacitated by the lying, thieving, nasty pieces of business living in the White House psycho ward. Now there’s a WTF waiting to be asked. 

But while I’m at it, allow me to make a travel comment - with the return of Al Budhwani  to the fold, itravel2017 (aka Travel Nation Canada) is a force. We now await Brad Miron and the circle will be complete. Wouldn’t it have been easier not to sell in the first place and keep making gazillions from the tourist boards, oh, and selling some travel too? Just sayin'.

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