Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

I'm Brought To You By The Letter "O"

WestJet is finally baring it's teeth, dahrlings, with a predatory 'swooping in' on the competition. Their new ULCC heralds the end of Mr Nice Guy. Hello "Swoop"! 

I can't imagine how many lateral thinking exercises went into finalizing the name. JetSwoop. No. GoSwoop. No. Smoosh. Swoosh. Shush. No. How about Zoom? Taken. Joon? Taken. 

It seems 'o' is the letter du jour, dahrlings. A while back the marketer's pet was lower case. I don't know where these rules are made but I figure there's research about such things. Like what O evokes. Hmmm... what is the story of O? 

Oh! Oh! Wait! I know!! I know! 

I bet the branding folk were into multiple orgasm territory over the movement Swoop evokes. You're swooping. You're in motion. You're airborne. You can fly cheap!!

What happened to good solid airline names, dahrlings? Air France. Swiss Air. Alitalia. Rock-hard, reliable, names that invoke .... um, bankruptcy? Ok well, never mind. Still, call me old fashioned, I think everyone is trying too hard to be hip.  

If I had to name an airline it would have nothing to do with leaves. Or jets. Or a bunch of letters nailed together into a cool word. I was never cool, Pumpkins. Fabulous, yes, but not cool. I'd call it Air Fabulous. You feel fabulous. You are fabulous. The all male crew is fabulous with a few heterosexuals thrown in to give it a bit of "O".  

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