Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Book'em Danno!

With the Competition Bureau emasculating Softvoyage, that phrase has lost its je ne c'est quoi, Dahrlings.

The now somewhat aptly named Softvoyage will see competitive engines revving up for dominance. It's like rutting season has been unleashed on travel, Pumpkins!! So exciting. [Can I play the doe?? With all that torrid grunting and mounting an amateur's liable to get hurt.]

Truth be told, I hate to see a perfectly good oligopolous situation go to waste, dahrlings. Everyone knows that when you hold Park Place, you don't trade. Isn't  it just a delicious feeling to see the poor saps sweat as they land on your hotel? I still count my Monopoly money. I earned it fair and square, ok!!

And lord knows dealing with data from ITC companies must be like herding 200 cats into a dog pen.

Point is, dahrlings, there's not a business among us which doesn't dream of holding that position. And none would give it up. Lord knows I've fantasized about having dominant leverage on boardroom tables. There would be grunting, Pumpkins. Oh yes, there would be grunting

Ivanna Gabbalot

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