Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

We've Got A Dinkette In A Vog

Most people go to Hawaii and get happily lei’d. But when one of the dotty dinkettes from Open Jaw world headquarters heads to the land of Aloha on one of those industry type business trips (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), she immediately runs into a problem with her vag.

Oh, hold on a minute pumpkins: I’ve been informed it’s not a vag problem that is creating all the drama, it’s a vog problem.

What’s that when it’s at home you might ponder? Apparently vog is a clever contraction (or portmanteau for you English majors) of the words ‘volcanic,’ ‘smog,’ and ‘fog’ and it’s a fairly common occurrence. Our poor darling dinkette is experiencing watery eyes and general lethargy.

Is it just me – or are you wondering if it might be a tad difficult to note the difference from her normal demeanor? So sad really... she’s having to be clammed up within her air conditioned suite or automobile just like Mae West. And, I thought that was my schtick!

Heh there sweetie... pull the umbrella out of your drink and pass the pu pu platter.

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