Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

It's All Greek To Me!

Launching an airline, dahrlings, always strikes me as the purview of oil men or poorly weaned Bay St. types with a billion dollars to lose. But a couple of Greeks and a Frenchman sounds more like the beginning of a ‘walk into a bar’ joke.

Great Zeus! SkyGreece is no green fig and plans on giving as good ass it gets. (those Greeks)

I imagine back at Transat, a Greek Tragedy is playing with the chorus wailing “Does he think he’s the mayor of Montreal?” Don’t forget, Denis Codere ran the Europe program for TS for years – so he knows a ripe olive when he sees one. He’s promising the airline will offer “Legendary Greek hospitality from take-off to landing!” I’m in.

Will we see a fare battle over Olympus? Is Zagreb the next Heraklion? Will the pretty blue leather ex-Martinair aircraft bring good headwinds?

Stay tuned as another air drama unfolds over the Canadian skies.  

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