Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Just Shoot Me

It’s all the rage these days, Pumpkins. If you don’t like someone, pull a Putin and shoot’im. It’s so much more efficient than ‘sharing’.

Goodness knows I’ve dodged a few bullets in my day. It’s a wonder no one has ever pulled a pistol for offensive insinuations. (As dear Mae West would say ....they were happy to see me)

Speaking of offending – our dear JM deserves a mild spanking for Transat’s onboard kid’s activity package. It depicts a little red franken-toon with a feather headdress. Something out of circa 1970’s cowboys and Indians playtime. Needless to say, dahrlings, First Nations are not amused. And I’m not suggesting the Transat head man be shot for the infraction. But a little disciplined sensitivity training might be in order. Needless to say ... I’d be more than happy to offer my services in that department. You be the Lone Ranger, dahrling, I’ll be Tonto. You can teach me to draw your gun – I’ll teach you to slow down the trigger.

Oh, and to the Toronto men who dug a tunnel to play in – man-cave is just an expression, dahrlings. Although, according to experts, it likely would have been reality if left to their own devices. Apparently the thing would have caved in on them.

Crystal in a China shop? Hong Kong’s Genting has purchased the cruise line from Japan’s NYK for 550 million US dollars in cash. Nice money if you can get it. Edie must be beside herself now that she can finally shop for new ships. Talk about a fashionista in a shipyard. Need help picking a palette? I’m thinking fall colours. No, no, let’s go pastel.



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