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Jumping Ship Like A Norwegian

Rumour has it, Pumpkins, that a certain someone is jumping ship and moving their career inland. And I will tell you, my little belugas, I did not see this one coming.

Dana Gain will apparently no longer sell like a Norwegian. No longer freestyle on Open Jaw's Cruise Report. (Is it the beginning of a solo career for co-host Ian Smyth? The birth of cruise reporting's Beyoncé after she dropped someone's child?)

As of April 23rd, Dana, with her little dogs in tow, will dock at ACV's home port in Mississauga. 

With a sailing pedigree forged at both Carnival and NCL, will a lifelong cruiser feel landlocked? Long for the salty air and pirating? Au contraire, mateys. The real question is how can unbridled Canadian ambition be fulfilled at Miami based companies? There are only so many decks you can climb before you have to either move to Florida or jump. 

I know, Justin French is making a go of things without moving. But the man's made of different stuff. Teflon coating and a radio voice opens a lot of berths. 

Oh, right, what will she be doing? Unclear on that front but her Gain-ful employment comes equipped with a great title: Senior Director of Sales, Groups and Partnerships. 

Dahrlings, I think that what we have here are the makings of a great  partnership between Nino and Dana. I will call it Ninna. No. Ok, how about Dano. No, no. Nana? Ninana? Ok, whatever. She's going to ACV. Leave me alone.

Ivanna Gabbalot

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