Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Gender Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I’m all for liberating women, dahrlings. And I love the way everyone’s decided it should happen one day a year. Any more than that could upset the delicate gender balance men rely on to feel their prowess.

Personally, Pumpkins, I’ve always been quite liberal, having enjoyed many a man’s prowess without feeling it beneath me. 

And certainly in travel we have a great deal to celebrate on International Women’s Day. There are ladies at the cockpit controls. Steering gigantic cruise ships. And one or two even running travel businesses! 

But really, there are limits to all the hear me roar. In some misguided spirit of “I Am Woman”, Virgin has cancelled the make-up regulation for flight attendants. Honestly, dahrlings, you can be empowered without exposing yourself sans-lipstick in public.

Next thing you know FA’s will be skipping nightly exfoliating. Hair brushing will be optional. And god knows what could happen with sprouting facial follicles. And I’m only talking about the men!

It’s not that I think women who are endowed with the ability to look really good are more important. (Well, I sort of do, but never mind.) I just think that (as I keep telling leftover Dinkette) a bit of grooming never hurt anyone. 

Have Some Self Respect For Heaven’s Sake! 

Ok, I feel better. Point is, I am convinced that sprinkling some estrogen around the boardroom table would go a long way to righting the world.

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