Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Are We Dense?

Honestly, Pumpkins, I'm getting rather tired of all the accusations of the industry being dim-witted. Transat is going on and on about beingdense. The Huffington Post's article about robots being better than agents has fingers pointing at what a dumb ass job we've done explaining what we do.

I've heard of self-flagellation, Pumpkins, but this is 50 times 50 shades of self-spanking. We must learn to love ourselves, dahrlings! I know Jean-Marc feels badly about losing all that money. Who wouldn't? But this back talk riposte of being denser than you planned is not going to fix anything, dahrling. Don't punish yourself like that!

And about the Huffy Post's piece that Google Flights is better than any travel agent. Well, Ariaaanna, daaahrling, you have stepped into the wrong pile this time. Claiming a machine can provide better satisfaction than a good travel hand reveals your ignorance not ours. Ha! Take that!

If only that Mr. 'It's our ownfault' Richard Earls would drop his whip, we could climb out of this pseudo-sado travel industry beat up dungeon. Dickey says articles like Arianna's appear because “The travel industry has done a terrible job of explaining itself to the general public." Nice blow to the self-confidence sphincter, Mr. Earl Of Smartie-Pants.
He goes on to say:

“By and large, consumers do not understand what you do, how you fit into their travel plans and why they should use you. Most members of the public think of travel agents as one possible way to buy travel out of several retail alternatives. Many ill-schooled travel agents reinforce that perception with product-driven advertising and marketing."

Owee. Ok, we're a little thick in the head. I get. It. What's the safe word?

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