Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Performance Issues

Apparently we don't perform, Pumpkins. Now that's an insult I don't take lying down. My performance - whether standing up, kneeling, or that inverted hanging French horn tableau - is legendary!

The thing is, dahrlings, and as much as you absolutely hate to hear it - even more than toe nails on a silk head board - we have a problem. And not one a little blue pill can fix.

If a multi-million dollar company decides to make changes to its distribution cost structure -- you can bet your pendulum it's nothing personal. Airlines don't have it in for
us any more than a divorce lawyer has it in for my ex. It's the economics, stupid. (I don't mean you. It's an expression, stupid.) Never mind.

Point is, Air Canada's 7% Tango solution cost them millions over the last year and resulted in fewer bookings. We can roll around on the floor and say they are lying. (The technique is valuable in certain lipstick stained circumstances…) But, as much as it stings – and not the good kind – I will admit I feel compelled to examine my bed and how everyone lies in it.

WestJet, for similar reasons, has followed suit with a slight up on the ante. AC will likely match that. I imagine they will show that hand shortly.

The upshot is that – like all business members -- if an airline doesn't get a good bang for their buck, they will pull out.

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