Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

X-Nay On The C-Word, Kay?

We are in travel, dahlrings. We don't use the C-word in print or in thought. It's so ingrained, that even if it means screwing ourselves up into a pompous pretzel in front of news cameras -- it is utterly verboten to utter the unutterable.

Take for instance Air Canada's Veep and COO, Klaus Goersch, who nearly injured himself telling journalists that the YHZ “incident" was a “hard landing" not a … c-r-a-s-h landing.

I really don't have anything against coming in hard, Pumpkins. You know those moments when the smell of rubber and the unbridled speed of entry fill you with adrenaline and let you know you're alive! Yah! But that poor little plane airing across the Canadian broadcastospehre looked a tad worse for wear. (Talk about a PR blow below the seatbelt.)

Perhaps we need a new word for a minor c-thing. Like a 'really super hard landing with a soupçon of damage' (to cunningly cover federal bilingual requirements). (I love bilingual requirements.)

Thank heavens everyone is ok.

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