Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Let Them Eat Cake

That dahrling Senator Ruth is so right to be absolutely outraged, Pumpkins. Frankly, I'm aghast. That we taxpayers expect a sitting senator to settle for “ice cold camembert" for breakfast on an airplane is … well … goodness. Is there no decency?

As she stormed off from a cheesy media scrum about her excessive expense claims, the wagon wheel of a woman mumbled something about 'broken crackers' having added insult to injury on her plate. It's no wonder the dear had to expense a proper breakfast!

Now, I know that some of you might be thinking “Camembert? They serve camembert on airplanes?" And, indeed, compared to a muffin – no, sorry. No muffin. Compared to nothing at all, it does sound appetizing. If it were served at room temperature, that is! Am I right, dahrlings? The stuff is like congealed cheese when it's cold and try getting that onto a broken cracker! Perhaps a mild hand rolled chèvre would have done the trick. A little Abbaye du Mont des Cats?

Leaving aside for a moment the fact that skipping a meal here and there wouldn't hurt her portly form one crumb – attacking a senior citizen for attempting to feed herself is scandalous.

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