Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Drinking, Smoking And Now Groping?

It's absolute bedlam aboard aircraft, Pumpkins! Reports of wild drunken behaviour are coming in faster than a 747. And I'm not even talking about the flights I'm on.

Smokers are puffing in the loos. Flights are punctuated with Punch-a-pilot episodes. And now we have groping to contend with! Groping? What awkward teenage hands do when assailing the unfamiliar terrain of zippers and clasps - as they press their way to the prize. Oh. Such fun.

But if an uninvited hand decides to take a tour of my essentials while I'm in an altered state - I am assaulted. Plain and simple. And drop the 'sexually' assaulted. There's nothing sexy about feeling violated. Pat my pussy and you'll lose a paw. No doubt about that!

Air Canada did the right thing to have the creep arrested.

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