Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

You Give Me Fever

Pasty white Torontonians are emerging from condos all over the city – squinting at the light and shuffling in a winter lobotomized daze. “What is that? Is that heat?" Peeling off the layers of cashmere, they blindly stumble towards …“I can't see the Starbucks!"

Point is, Pumpkins, now's the time to grab 'em. They are in a feverish state of spring delirium – flash pictures of the Eiffel Tower, windmills, Tuscany, any Euro bait - and watch the wallets come out. Flash anything, in fact.

And yes we know Vancouver is long past celebrating crocuses. Bite me.

Speaking of feverish deliria …. CanJet's Rowe dynasty is sounding like there's a few bats missing in their belfry. Talking out of both halves of your backside doesn't sit well with us, gentlemen. When we hear things along the lines of We're laying off hundreds – but all is good! Well, good is a strong word. Things are pleasantly ok - we naturally get skittish. Here's the thing, the industry wants to support CanJet Vacations. We like having choice – but don't mess with us like that. If you wouldn't mind, and please. (I am in Toronto, after all)

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