Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

We Must Be Doing Something Good

Don't you love that scene in the Sound of Music, Pumpkins, where Maria Poppins sings to a hunky duke that she “must have done something good" for him to want her? It's enough to bring a nun to her knees. [And I am by no means saying that is what she was good at. Honestly.]

That passionate picture is exactly how it feels right now as travel agents suddenly find ourselves in the besotted bosom of the cruise lines.

Norwegian is putting their partners first with a sweeping endorsement. They've hired a boat load of reps in Canada – tripling what was on deck for the last decade. What did we do to deserve this kind of attention, dahrlings? Freezing like a Norwegian up in the great white north never seemed to be on their radar. (And of course that could have something to do with the numbnuts dinkettes over here who thought bringing a Timmins Dinner Jacket to a GQ guy like Andy Stuart – and expecting him to wear it - on camera – was “cute". I'd run from Canada too. There's really no helping these women.)

Turning over to Royal -- Fain can't seem to fawn enough over us. He's putting a moratorium on discounts because, get this, “they cause headaches for our travel agent partners". Well la dee da. To what do we owe the honour? 'Hey, Ricky! Can you help me with a headache?'

And CLIA's new trade inter-relations guy, Charles Sylvia, is just beside himself about the 'power' we wield over consumer hearts. Well, dahrlings, I don't need a man to confirm how good I am, but I haven't had so much attention since 1996 BC. (Before Commission Cuts)

You see how proud she is, Pumpkins? Sooo embarrassing.

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