Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

They’ve Got A Thing For Us

Don't you just love being chased, Pumpkins? It's been a while … but I recognize the signs. That look of longing … the slurred speech … and, just before the lights go on, the fumble for a cheap flight…

Sometimes that's enough to make a girl feel special.

But according to ASTA research we, my dear Pumpkins, have hit the big leagues. The vogue. The 'It' girl status. In a word, we are hot. They are calling it a 'complete makeover' in consumer perception. Did someone say 'makeover'?!! Wooh! Me! Me!

That scientific factual research says that 70% of the public believe travel agents make travel planning painless, especially for special trips. Do you know what that means, dahrlings? Six years ago the response was “Duh? Why would I use a travel agent?"

And, get this, “Millennial and Gen X customers were most influenced by agents' recommendations." We're on , like, dude radar. Is that weird, dahrlings? We're like their grandmothers. I left cool back in the '80's. And even then….

Oh, and Amadeus also says we're on fire. At least, we will be, in the future. Their research says that the more gadgets evolve, the more consumers will want a warm body for personalized guidance. Hello?? I could have saved them a bundle and told them that. I've guided a number of gadget wielding clients to a personalized experience. If that's the future of travel, I'll need a few more makeovers, but I'm in.

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