Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Only In Canada, You Say?

BA's Canuck Quiz

I hereby award the 2015 Open Jaw Insert Foot Award to British Airways. They so desperately want to appeal to us Canucks, dahrlings, they are wielding anti-American sentiment like a case of 2-4.

Canadian billboards have slogans like “Great offers for North Americans" with an asterisk saying “excludes Americans." Eh? Talk about over steeping your tea, Pumpkins. Running on the heels of Harper's War of 1812 reenactment of our burning down the White House, the anti-U.S. propaganda timing couldn't be better.

There's also a wonderful quiz you can play about tuques and timmies. I'd dearly love to see what the waspy Rosedale casquette & Starbucks crowd make of that.

According to Caroline Titmuss, BA's V.P. of Marketing “Canadians are proud. They don't want to be mistaken for Americans." Adding: “You know, the Brits have a good sense of humour."

I can't wait for really funny part where the killer rabbit jumps out and savagely attacks an American in the jugular! Monty Python wonderfully highlights the British comedic sensibility. Or that big foot squashes little Yankees flat. We Canadians can't resist flying an airline that does that, eh Pumpkins?

In other “whoops" marketing news, the stupendously app-tastic Apple watch has failed the tat-test, dahrlings. Yes, ink is its kryptonite. The computer's sensors don't work if worn on a tattooed wrist. Ouch. The things you have to test for nowadays. Like how much do Canadians really hate Americans? What about those with tattoos? It's endless.

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