Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

What A Special Day!

WooHoo! It's Ivanna Gabbalot Day!!

I knew it! I knew the day would come!
You wait your whole life for something like this. Worldwide recognition of how truly, incomparably, supremely, consummately fabulous you are – and then, Badang!

Is the Queen coming? I bet she's coming.

What? … Huh? It's not Ivanna Gabbalot Day? Oh, heh. Well, ahem … of course it isn't. Just kidding, Pumpkins!! IT'S TRAVEL AGENT DAY!!

And talk about being more popular than a Warsaw streetcar on Xmas eve! Agents are being pawed and mauled by suppliers wanting a piece of this action, baby. That's right. We got it going on, Mr. Big Sup! (that's short for Supplier. I think it works)

And here is just a fraction of what's on offer. Heck, I don't know about you dahrlings, but I've popped my cork for less...


Air Canada & Air Canada Vacations: 20% off select AC flights for TA and 1 companion
& 20% off ACV sun packages for TA and up to 3 companions. (Book by May 13)

WestJet: WestJet'sHooray for TAs contest
WestJet is celebrating travel agents for the whole month with their Hooray for TAs Contest.
Enter the contest for a chance to win one of 60 amazing prizes.

Globus family of brands: F
or the whole month of May, weekly random draws for gift cards are being held.
And on May 6 only, special surprise treats for 100 agents across the country.

Transat: May6 only! Earn 3X as many Bonbon on all bookings for all departures and all products.

Insight: $50 Bonus Commission Offer

Trafalgar: For the month of May, you could win a giftbasket, valued at $500, filled with travel goodies, gift cards and bonus commission coupons.

Air China:
Win 2 tickets on Air China from Vancouver to Beijing. Entry form here.

TravelBrands: Earn 2X Loyalty Points, plus a chance to win a trip to Honolulu.

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