Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Gadgets As Fashion?

Is it just me, dahrlings?

I never thought I'd say that, much less think it, but is fashion going too far? I strapped on my computer the other day, and frankly Pumpkins, it's not me.

I'm predicting that the wearable technology fad will go the way of bell bottoms faster than you can say Kardashian mobile backend. And that's a mouthful. People are already getting over their Dick Tracy watches. There seems to be a 6 month wearout factor where you just stop playing with the gadget. Like the train set or the latest pull-on Kelly Girl with flexible demodulator I got my ex.

The point is, dahrlings, we shouldn't get our knickers in a strap-on about the booking capabilities of a watch. Yet. It's all a building block to something newer. Better. We just don't know what. The prediction is some kind of cyborg situation where we and the technology are one on a cloud. (I think I saw that Star Trek episode. Busty women on a far flung planet offering eternal bliss...)

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