Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

High Maintenance Doesn’t Come Cheap

I remember fondly as the late Mr. Gabbalot The 3rd would come home saying “Dahrling! We made absolute gobs of money!" … and before I could bolt down the street in search of a new Birkin, he'd add “but we just don't have it." In fact, it turned out I'd have to hock my last one on eBay just to pay for the cars.

I believe this experience gives me a unique perspective on the airline industry, dahrlings. Air Canada made record revenue this last quarter. More than ever. Piles of dough. But they also lost a whole bunch.

I hear them. I do. AC is high maintenance and expensive to run. My seat per mile doesn't come cheap either, Pumpkins. Shareholders just don't appreciate the conundrum.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Papa & son Rowe who think CanJet Vacations should make money – so they closed it. Are these people delusional, dahrlings? That isn't how the travel industry works.

In his closing remarks, Jr Rowe thanked iTravel2000 for their support. What? Are the rest of us chopped cod? In any case, Pumpkins, I hear the upheavals continue at the “i". An email from Luisa Mastracci informed the crew there that they are “restructuring" i.e. layoffs are coming.

It's to be expected, Pumpkins. I hear business out there smells just about as bad as chopped cod. I had to let my man go the other day. He doesn't understand I'm in travel and expects to get paid.

Note: I've just received an update from itravel and it seems my anonymous source may have been mistaken. (Honestly, if you can't count on an anonymous one!) There is apparently no restructuring. With the changing seasonality, some call centre folks have been let go.

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