Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Canadians Discover Cuba!

Holy souvlaki, Pumpkins, the news from Celestyal Cruises just keeps getting better and better. It's like an Aristotelean conundrum wrapped in a pita. The latest in a series of gall scratching proclamations has the Greek cruise company, who recently hasn't closed the Canadian office of Cuba Cruise, taking credit for a potential tourist movement of Canadians to Cuba. Hear Hear!

A U.S. trade publication is following the story closely and printed this quote from Celestyal: “Thanks to our combined efforts, Cuba is now part of the conversation when the people of Canada consider where they would like to spend their holidays." The folks at TravelPulse can be forgiven for not knowing that a few of us [almost 1 million in fact] have done more than just consider Cuba – we flock there like gnats on a centaur. “Herc! Herc! The size of it!" But the Greeks might have conferred with Dugald on some facts prior to sending him packing.

Maybe they think all those pasty white sun-tanners spotted off the deck are Cubans.

Math has always been my Achilles tendon, Pumpkins, but even I can work out that a few Cuba Cruise departures of 500 or 600 cruisers over the past 3 years has not exactly turned the market on its heels. Have these folks been to Varadero?

Frankly, dahrlings, it's all Greek to me. Perhaps the air is thin up there on Mount Olympus where Celestyal resides, because all the messaging has been a tad baffling over the past few months.

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