Excuse me, dahrlings, but...

Tagging Weighty Matters

The media is desperately boosting AC's carry on crack-down into an issue, Pumpkins. (So much so, one of the Dinkettes here ended up on the CBC. Live. Talk about making a mountain out of a knob.)

Have you seen the kind of baggage young ladies carry these days? It definitely ought to be tagged and checked. Flesh is the word. It's oozing out of their pants, their tops and their shoe straps.

Never mind the extra weight, the stuff they are strutting is lethal. Those ludicrous booty implants of Niki Minaj's burst during a performance last year. I say tag her rear with a 'dangerous goods' bumper sticker. And God knows what enhancements the Kardashians have had. For all we know, there could be a whole other family member sewn into their backsides.

I miss skinny. There was so much less of everything. Less toting, bagging, zipping and hauling. I can't blame Air Canada for doing their part to constrain the bulge. Because frankly, Pumpkins, getting my overhead bin wacked by someone's overstuffed bits is getting old.

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